Let McCraw Propane lift your bottom line

Poor service and unreliable delivery can halt your business by stranding your forklifts. Our team provides top-notch support so your business runs smoothly and profitably. We work with you to optimize cylinder supply to match your workloads, offer premium lightweight aluminum cylinders, high-security cylinder cages, and same-day expedited service. We keep your equipment running—so you focus on keeping your business running.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Power Anywhere
Propane handles heavy loads, steep inclines, and unlike electric forklifts, operates at 100% power for the entire job.

Easy Refueling
Propane cylinders are replaced in minutes, ensuring minimal delays and no recharging. Compared to electric forklifts that can take up to 8 hours to charge, propane is a more efficient system that can be changed quickly and get your team back to work.

Safe to Use, Clean Performance
Propane is non-toxic and clean-burning with far less emissions than gasoline or diesel and can be used indoors.

Lower Costs, Less Maintenance
Propane produces less engine deposits than gasoline or diesel and has an engine life up to 2X longer than gasoline. A standard forklift propane tank can provide 8 hours of fuel for the average forklift.

Latest Technology
Propane technology means an efficient engine, reduced fuel consumption and emissions, and longer service intervals.

Abundant Supply Produced in the U.S.
American-made propane reduces dependence on foreign oil and keeps jobs at home. American made propane also means less transportation cost that is passed along to the business-owners as well.


Forklift Propane Delivery

McCraw Propane offers flexible propane delivery options for forklift users as well:

  1. Cylinder Exchange – McCraw will exchange your empty cylinders for full ones on a set delivery schedule. This quick and easy change gets your machines refueled and ready for the more operation.
  2. On-Site Refueling – Our service team will come on-site and refill your existing cylinders.
  3. Bulk Delivery Service – For large-volume clients, the McCraw team will schedule a bulk delivery based on your anticipated needs and refill your cylinders on-site.